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Skip the Lines at the Department Stores and Hit Broadway Autos Inc Dealership Instead

Black Friday’s on the way, and it’s time to admit to yourself that you probably have enough TVs and kitchen gadgets already. With that realization in mind, it’s tempting to simply stay home on the day after Thanksgiving. Unless you need a preowned car, that is.

Click on our inventory to see our best preowned vehicles and lease deals (call for these) available through Black Friday weekend – and in some cases, even longer-lasting offers. We’ll give you key information on these incentives. We update these deals on a monthly basis, as well as for holidays and occasions such as Black Friday, but a few factors remain consistent. 

First, keep in mind that these offers often vary somewhat from vehicle to vehicle. 

Furthermore, manufacturer-sponsored lease and finance deals are subject to credit approval, so eligibility will likely depend on your credit score. If you see a deal you like here, your next step is to contact your our dealership to see if you qualify based on your location and credit history. 

Now, let’s take a look at the best new car deals available through Black Friday.

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